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Simple Steps to Success

At Holberton, you have the ability to choose different pathways and upscale your skills in order to reach the next milestone in your career.
The content of our tracks run in parallel worldwide. 

The professional skills and technologies that you will learn through these programs, are at high demand regionally as well as internationally. This will allow you to easily secure high sought-after jobs both locally or remotely. 

Start your success

Apply to Holberton and pass the registration process.

Learn by doing

Project-based learning is a proven, alternative learning methodology to the traditional teacher-led lecture and memorization educational method.

Learn from others

Peer learning is an educational practice in which you interact with your fellow students to reach your educational goals. Coupled with project-based learning, you are encouraged to unleash your creativity and learn how to solve practical challenges by working as a team.

Learn how to learn

At Holberton, we don’t just teach you how to code or give the answers to the problems — in the real world, that’s not how it works. Instead, the intensive curriculum is designed around collaborative, project-based learning that trains you in the problem solving skills that will help you land a job, and the learning skills that will help you sustain your career.

What You Will Learn

Low-level coding

Understand how programming languages and Unix systems work at the most fundamental level-learn what is really going on “under the hood”.

  • C programming
  • Linux programming
  • Algorithms and data structures

High-level coding

Develop skills in front-end and back-end development as well as database management, and use them to create a clone of the AirBnb website.

  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Back-end & front-end development
  • Database implementation
  • Object-oriented programming


Build web infrastructure similar to those powering tech powerhouses such as Linkedln, Facebook and Google. Propose, design and build a product of your choice.

  • Linux/command line
  • Develop soft skills
  • Build Portfolio Project
  • Present to corporate partners

Ready to start?

If you can make it through our application process, then Holberton Lebanon is an excellent place for you to become a great software developer!

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*Application process takes about four weeks (average) and demonstrates your aptitude, determination, and eligibility for enrollment.