Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


In this program, students will approach problems and situations using the C programming language and the Linux kernel interface. Throughout this program, students will expand their knowledge and application of the C programming language and dig into operating systems. Students will also work with data structures and algorithms while uncovering the mechanisms behind blockchain technology.

Through this program, students will demonstrate knowledge and application of C, the Linux kernel interface, advanced trees, graphs, pathfinding, cryptography, block mining, blockchain, and more. Graduates in this program can reasonably expect to get jobs as Junior Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Embedded System Programmer, SRE, Junior Blockchain Engineer, Unix Developer, Distributed System Developer, and C Developer.


– Advanced C
– Unix File Management
– Static Variables
– User Inputs
– Create Your Own Advanced Shell
– /proc Filesystem
– ELF – Readelf
– x86 Assembly
– Signals
– Red-Black Tress


– ELF – nm/objdump
– CPython
– Strace
– Multithreading
– Advanced Memory Allocation
– Graphs
– Huffman Coding
– Sockets
– N-ary Trees
– Blockchain – Crypto
– Blockchain – Data Structures
– Blockchain – Block Mining
– Blockchain – Transactions
– Blockchain – CLI
– Learning Project of Your Choice



Technologies Used

Developed in collaboration with working professionals

Sebastien Tricaud

Director of Security Engineering at Devo

Olivier Chatry

Chief Software Architect at FutureOn

Julien Chevrier

Embedded software engineer at TTTech Auto Iberia