Front End Web Development


Front-end web development defines how we use our computers every day. The work of front-end developers is what helps technology be usable to the average person, and companies with the best, most stable, and most usable sites are the most popular on the web.

Students will learn skills in frontend development, including many skills that are in high demand throughout the industry. This curriculum prepares students to convert data in ways users can view and interact with through web applications and websites, some of which are used every day.

Through this program, students will become comfortable using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

Graduates in this program can reasonably expect to get jobs as Frontend Developer, React Developer, Javascript Developer, or Web Integrator.


– Advanced HTML/CSS
– Developer Tools
– Flexbox and Responsive Design
– Form and Accessibility
– Bootstrap
– Javascript/JQuery advanced
– Cookies and Local Storage
– UI/UX research and Development
– Build Static Webpages From a Designer File
– Build Dynamic Web Application in javascript


– Professional Development FrontEnd
– Dynamic Programming
– FrontEnd Architecture
– Interactive User Interface
– Dynamic User Interface Integration
– Professional Seminar



Technologies Used

Developed in collaboration with working professionals

Johann Kerbrat

Vice President of Engineering at Iron Fish

Lorine Colas

Product Designer at Omni Labs, Inc.